Helpful Points

Always use a reputable mini-cab or private hire car firm and book at their office or by phone. When you phone, you can ask for the driver’s vehicle make and colour. Do not flag down a minicab on the street.

Remember that only licensed ‘Hackney Carriages’ are allowed to pick people up in the street without having made a booking first. Private-hire firms must be pre-booked by law.

Hotels are normally willing to call you a cab or can provide details of a licensed minicab company.

Ensure that the vehicle which arrives is the one you ordered. Give the operator your name and when the cab arrives ask the driver the name of the person they are expecting to collect before you get in and ask for their identification badges which should be carried at all times. If you are going home, ask the driver not to drive off until you are safely inside your home.

The TfL TPH (Transport for London Taxi and Private Hire) website has a searchable database of all licensed private hire operators and vehicles and all licensed private hire drivers.

NEVER use an unlicensed Minicab Operator or a Minicab illegally touting. Not only are you risking your safety but you will not be insured in the event of an accident.